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Ted Scott's Fotofile

Fotofile based on the collected work and experience of one Award Winning Photographer.

Ted was born in England and since 1981 has lived in Titirangi, Auckland, and now in Karekare. The places and people of West Auckland's wild natural landscape are his enduring photographic passion.

He left the printing industry in 1989 following redundancy. A few months later he won the Telecom Art Award and used the prize money to set up business as a photographer.

Turning a leisure time interest into a vocation has resulted in many successful photographic ventures. The “Untamed Coast” was published in 1998 and became an instant best seller.

"Through the Lens" was a millennium project produced as both a book and exhibition, featuring restored vintage location photographs and matching shots taken in the same places now.

Ted also has an extensive range of cards, many of them featuring his signature digital image enhancement techniques.

These days, in between Weddings Shoots and Helicopter Aerials, Ted is spending most of his time behind the screen of a computer, taking his photography and creative design into new arenas. His latest venture is a collection of fully mounted wallprints. You choose your image from the Fotofile Collection and a custom made print is produced ready for hanging at home or in the office.


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